Evaluating e-books for education

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E-book review I

Fractions, by Alesandra Andonoska

Fractions is an e-book that children in 2nd-3th course can use in Math lessons. It shows different ways of learning. This publication allows the students to interact through audios, playing a role of a character or watching a videoclip. It is very interactive and I am sure the children will enjoy it.

E-book review II

Fun class activities for developing speaking skills, by Eva Orosová

This e-book is a guide for teachers who want to carry on activities to develop oral skills in class. It is full of resources as cards, questionnaires, video, listening and flashcards. But it lacks in terms of visual appearance. The background is white and some colors can be included in order to attract the reader´s attention.

E-book review III

Travel, by Natasa Grosic

Travel is the topic in this e-book. It is also full of links, pictures, and videos. But the organization and the management of the spaces is poor; some texts are closed to the pictures, others are far. That means that is not only what you present in a e-book but also the how. Children will not read a book if they do not like their appearance.

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