Tori Young

My name is tori. I like singing and listening to music.My favorite food is tacos and I'm awkward.


I love singing. I sing with a friend named charlie and his band C.peyton. I also sing with a band named waking myth. I also sang with Young people of erie chorus.


I have a soccer ball because I love soccer. I played for girard for a while and now play with west county. i once came in first place with my team in a soccer tournament.


I also put a youtuber on here named pewdiepie. I picked this because he's really funny. I love watching his videos. He also is weird and embraces it.

My Goals

My first goal is to go to collage. I'm going to do this by doing good in high school and saving up.

My second goal is to become a well known singer. I'm going to do this by continuing my vocal lessons and continuing to sing with bands.

My third goal is be in the national honors society. I plan to do this by keeping my GPA up by doing good in my classes.

Place I want to visit

Mullinger, Ireland

I would love to go to Mullingar , Ireland. It has a beautiful history. I would also love to visit all of the old castles.

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