Taking the Grr Out of Anger

Mrs. Carpentier  Ms. Kellenberg   Ms. Tejani   Ms. Vandegrift


  • Students will be able to name at least one sign that they are becoming angry.
  • Students will be able to name at least two ways of calming down when angry.
  • Students will be able to use at least two ways to calm down when angry.

Sometimes we can all become angry

What did you notice about Eve?  

What did you notice about Wall-E?

Raise your hand if you
have ever felt angry.

What kind of things
make you feel angry?

What does anger look or feel like?

Anger might look or feel like:

  • Clenched fists                    
  • Scrunched face               
  • Frown/Pouting face   
  • Crossed arms
  • Grunting/mumbling             
  • Face feels hot                    
  • Swinging arms/legs      
  • Stomping
  • Yelling
  • Crying/feel like crying

What are some ways to calm
down when you are angry?

Ways to Calm Down
When I Feel Angry

Stress toys: Sometimes playing with a stress toy can calm you down.

Move to the Safe Seat:  Move to the safe seat quietly without disturbing your neighbors.

Take a Deep Breath: Take a deep breath while I count to 5 and slowly release your breath as I count back down to 0.        

Melt Away Your Anger: Become "frozen" by tightening your bodies one part at a time.  Then "thaw" out, relaxing your bodies as you let the anger melt away.          

Be a Balloon: Pretend you are a balloon filling up with air.  Breathe in and tighten all your muscles as I count to 5.  Hold it for a 3 seconds.  Count back down from 5 to 0, slowly releasing your air and relaxing your muscles.       

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Role Play:
She Took My Pencil!

What are some ways EJ could calm down?

What did  we learn today?

  • How to recognize anger
  • How to calm down when angry

Remember, we all become angry sometimes,
but there are ways for us to calm down

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