The Glass Castle


Thought the book it states the  Walls family being poor constantly and always moving.  It also states all the hardships they went though trying survive.  All the times the went without eating and not having the best living conditions.  


In the introduction of The Glass Castle, Jeannette  is grown up and every successful.  While her mom digging through  dumpsters and sleeping on streets. The next day after seeing her mom digging through the dumpster she sets up a lunch to meet with her mom.  While eating lunch Jeannette gets the nerve to tell her mom about how she saw her and how she hid in embarrassment.  After she told her mom, she tells  Jeannette she gets too embarrassed and that there is nothing wrong with what she does.  After traveling around for years and everyone growing up and moving away  Maureen goes crazy and stabs her mom and is sent to upstate hospital which leads to the climax.  Which is when their mom asks Jeannette for 1 million dollars and then finding out that they had had a million dollars  worth of land that could have come in handy when they had  no food and cloths and  how they were constantly dirty .  As she let that go she and her family became to get along and have a great thanksgiving dinner.  


Jeannette-  She is the narrator in this story and the oldest kid in the Wells family.  She is motivated by what she thinks her future is going to be like.  Jeannette is also the glue that hold the family together and is like a second parent to her siblings.

Rex- He is  the dad in this story and a big alcoholic.  He is motivated by want for his kids to have a great future. His person is important because he is a big part of all the conflicts.

Rose Mary-  she is the mom in this story and a main character  who try's to be an artist but turns out to be a teacher.  She is motivated by the thought of happiness and is trying to get there.  This person is important because she is the one who supports the family the whole time.

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