A Day That Will Never Leave My Mind!

By: Angela Lin- Student at Crossroad at Meade

The best thing that I did for my 2013 years is visiting my cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandma on Thanksgiving in Ohio. On Thanksgiving we started out around 8:00am in the morning. I went with my mom, two little sisters and a friend of my mom's. The car ride was about 420 miles! Sitting in the car was not my thing, but my heart was full of excitement and anxiousness all the way through the ride.

That day was cloudy, but the sun still shine highly in the sky to keep us awake and giving us energy to think about terrific things that we would be able to do with our cousins. The air outside was fresh, light, and it was passed us like fluffy clouds. We drove pass many amazing farms, animals, icicles that hang brightly on trees, and fields of snow. I was astonished at the beautiful sight!

My visit to Ohio is great! My cousins didn't change much and everything in Ohio seems the same as in Philadelphia. The images of the magnificent wonders are still visible in my mind. I will never forget the day and the things that we saw on 2013's Thanksgiving!