Business Operations Manager

By: Nathan Shirley

Job Description

A Business Operations Manager is a pretty sought after job in America. Some other names for this job is a GM, or sometimes a CEO. As a Business Operations Manager you have a lot of things on your plate.  You work for a company, but at the same time, you run the said company at the same time. You manage sales, employees, and most big decisions the company makes.

Educational Requirments

To Become a Business Operations Manager you must at least have a Bachelors Degree in Business, or Business Administration. The University of Texas has a great business education program where you can get such a degree.

Other preparation

There is not really any other preparation, although a masters degree could benefit you.

Required Skills

To perform this job at an elite level you must have good leadership skills, performance under pressure, and the ability to perform a wide variety of duties.


The salary for this job can vary depending on the company you are working for, your skill set, and your amount of time on the Job. The average salary for this job is $96,430 per year. The lowest you could make is around 82,000, and the highest is around 115,000.


There are a lot of benefits that come with this job. One being that the pay is very substantial. Also, if you are doing this job, you don't have many people above you, meaning that you are the BOSS.


Future Outlook

This is a very important job right now i the future of companies. With the way the world is changing, companies will always need someone in charge to make decisions in tight situations. As of right now the growth of this job is at 12.9% to the year 2022.

Similar Careers

Some similar careers to this may be a police chief, or a principal in the way that they manage in their jobs.

Why This Job?

I feel that this job would be a very good fit for me. It requires leadership and responsibility, which I feel are strong suits of mine. The pay is very good, and I feel it is something I can do until retirement.

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