Parkinson disease !

What is Parkinson disease?               

A disease that does not have a cure.

Parkinson disease happens to most people in old age it can happen in young age too!

This comes to the nerves system and people lose control of there muscles .

If you had a disease how would you feel?

This video shows 1 of the symptoms of the disease

Parkinson disease  has many symptoms like rigid muscles ,speech changes,writing changes, and impaired posture and balance.

We chose Parkinson because it does not have a cure and we thought it would be a interesting topic to talk about with you guys.

Grade 4 students feeling if they had a disease!

We learned that most boys would feel sad if they had a disease.

We also learned that least of the girls would choose all  of the above.

We learned that the same amount of boys chose happy and mad.

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3 years ago

By:Hannah and Khushi