Warren hills elementry school

Summer Adventure

Homeroom: Mr.Todtfeld is my homeroom teacher. He is a really nice fifth grade teacher. In homeroom we are learning about Africa problems. Like droughts,drinking water problems, endangered animals and habitat loss. I'm learning about droughts I've learned that nearly 101 people die from dehydration each year.


I love cheering, it's so much fun! You get to yell out cheers to support your school. I like this elective the most because I love being loud! But most of the time,I get a little to loud because sometimes I can't control the volume in my voice. So that's why cheer is for me!

My favorite cheer was VICTORY!!!


                                                       ELECTIVE 2: Music mania

I love Music mania! We get to do bars (Bases,altos,metaliphones, and glockenshpheils!) and drums! We get to sing fun songs and play drums with beach balls! Mrs.Patterson has a spunky personality. And like that! I like her as the music teacher!

Jennifer Patterson warren hills elementry school music teacher

                                                     ELECTIVE 3: Arts and crafts

I like arts and crafts because I'm a very creative girl. I like to design outfits for girls in my designer notebook. I like to express my feelings by drawing with the color of my feeling. And I like making creations like the heart paper chain that I made when I was six.

My favorite art subject is painting!

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