5 Pictures One Story
Story by: Alex Kerian
Pictures by: Folder 9

It was a very regular day. It felt like nothing was going to happen, but I knew something would. I was going to rob bank today. I was in some very deep trouble, and in need of some money. I have a betting problem. I bet money that I don’t have and keep betting until I win. I haven’t won in over a year and owe $123,432 to Jerome. At least that’s what his bookie name is. The time of the robbery is coming up soon.

The clock on the church right outside of my house says 5:30 am. I am planning to rob The Bank of America at 6:00 am. My accessories would be a machete and an AK-47 fully automatic machine gun. There is nobody that can stop me unless they get the first shot off, but people are not ready to fight that early in the morning.

its 6 am and I am at the bank. There is only 1 person at the bank so I am going to wait for them to leave. The guard isn’t even there so it should be easy. The person leaves and I am about to go. I pull out the AK-47 on the bank teller and tell her to stick her hands up. I slowly walk around to the counter and have her grab the key to the vault. The restrooms are right next to the vault door. As we are slowly walking to the vault the guard walk out. I quickly grab the machete and slice his head off. I tell the teller to keep walking. She opens the door and I see it all. 1.2 million dollars in cash, and I’m taking it all. I have a huge bag over my shoulder, and yell at the teller to stash the cash as quick as she can. If she slows down I will shoot her. I have the cash and I am off.

I have a wooden cabin out in the middle of the country. I have to get back there so I can grab my life necessities and get out of there. I drive up to it and something feels wrong. I sprint into the cabin and grab the bag I packed ahead of time. I come out and as I am getting into my car three really black cars fly into my drive way. I have to ditch the clothes bag and run into the woods with the money.

Into the woods I go, with 1.2 million dollars. I am springing my butt off, and hope that they didn’t see me. I see out of the corner of my eye a little hole in the ground. Around it are a ton of branches. I quickly get into the hole and cover myself. I blend in perfect. I sleep here for the night. I hear people in the woods the whole night searching for me. I have to stay in there for a whole nother day. The night comes and I decide to make a break. I get to the end of the woods and I am free. I hitchhike my way out of town and that is the end. I mail the money to the people I owe and I am free. Nothing more, nothing less.

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