Transcendentalism is movement that began in the late 1820s as a protest against the state of spirituality and intellectualism at Harvard University. Transcendentalists believe that society corrupts the purity of the individual. They believe that people are their best when independent, and that true community can only be formed with such individuals.

This picture depicts the founders/ head of the belief.

This pictures demonstrates who played what importance in the transcendentalist belief.

It stresses the importance of being an individualist, and how it is more important than god and following society due to its corruption.

Primary source

This primary source is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a leader in the transcendentalist movement. In his writing he declares that self sufficiency and individuality  is good character, which is the transcendentalist view. He explains how riches cannot trump this trait and that this is the ideal of a "beautiful man".

This link shares the writings of original transcendentalist. In it, you will discover the stress on the need of individualism.

What you should know

transcendentalism first arose among the liberal New England Congregationalists.

Its goal was to change socialism .

There was no real "cause" except for the strive for change

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