How can one person change the world

How can one person change the world ? Well there's a lot of people that can change the world but, Ruby Bridges was the main one. Ruby Bridges had lots of thing that other people did not have courage, leadership and thoughtfulness. That's what made her special. First ,I will be telling you how Ruby Bridges was courageous.

Ruby Bridges was courageous although white racists screamed and yelled at her while entering the William Frantz Elementary school in new Orleans Louisiana. Six year old Ruby Bridges was the first black student to attend a all white school in 1960 .She showed remarkable courage and maturity as she braved threatening crowds of white people to enter the school that was escorted by federal marshals. Because she was a young child ,when she helped integrate the school in New Orleans her story of courage is especially meaningful to children.

Ruby Bridges had leadership when she entered the William Frantz school. Towards the end of the school year they got more black student. Many others in the community, both and white began to show support by sending there white children back to school. Today now black and white can go to the same school.

Ruby Bridges was thoughtful because a large crowd of people were gathered in front of the school throwing stuff and yelling and Ruby Bridges prayed for them. She showed the world that African Americans were just as good as the white people. She helped the African American to get into a white school. She also began to volunteer at the school three days a week and soon became a parent-community liaison.

As you can see Ruby Bridges was courageous, thoughtful, and she leadership. Ruby had confidence in herself to be brave and stand up for what she belived. Now you know how one person can change the world like Ruby Bridges did.

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