Week 8: Writing Is Reflecting

Get Started on Week 8!

  1. Our course ends this week! All work, including any late work and redos, must be submitted by our Friday deadline; no late work is accepted after that date. If you have circumstances beyond your control that arise, you need to contact me, Martha Schwer,and get permission in writing to submit work late.
  2. Keep checking your email next week as I finish up grading your work. If I have any file problems, I will attempt to contact you by email. Mistakes can always be corrected, but I'd rather not make any when it comes to your grade!
  3. Reach out to me, Martha Schwer, your instructor, if you are overwhelmed by writing this essay. Email me with a time that would be convenient for you to talk to me, and I'll do my best to help you understand your situation. There's no need to come to campus, either; we can talk on the phone or visit via SKYPE. Make your appointment at schwer@madisoncollege.edu (preferred) or phone 608-246-6172. If you have computer problems or need help with Word, phone the computer help desk at 608-243-4444 or toll-free 1-866-277-4445.

Recap of Week 7 Learning:

Last week, we both spent a lot of time looking at your Essay 2. You reviewed what other members of your community created, too. It's so important to learn from each other, and it's a great check-in to see where you compare in relation to others. It can also show you areas that perhaps you could improve on, too. I hope you found Essay 3 informative (and not too tough!)

Learning Objectives for Week 8

This is our last week together, and I'd LOVE to know what you learned as a result of completing this course! That's the focus for the final essay in this course, and it gives you one last opportunity to write a closed-form essay, the most common kind of assignment in college. Make sure you review the feedback from Essay 1 as you write your final essay; make improvements based on your feedback.

By the end of this week, you will be able to...

  • use self-assessment to generate content for an essay.
  • articulate what you learned during the course.
  • shape your essay for an academic audience
  • apply a closed-form narrative strategy to organize an essay
  • design and execute and independent writing process