French Exploration

With King Henry II

I plain to travel in the year of 1549 and I come from the Kingdom of Denmark. I would like travel with the country of France with the money from your majesty, King Henry II. I know you believe war and religion are most important to you. Therefore, I will spread religion and demolish all posing threat in the race to the New World. I will also plan to claim as much territory as possible to expand your territory. Personally I will look for gold and other riches. I believe that these are important resources because they will boost our economy and wealth. I plan to travel out from the Mediterranean Sea continuing westward through the north avoiding all sea monsters. Then follow the St. Lawrence river, that will allow me to travel into the center of the New World. The other countries I that I may be meeting with on this journey are explores from Spain and England. The specific resources wanted by my competitors are gold and places to expand territory as well. I will fight of any competitors that infer with this expedition and control and convert all Native Peoples I may come across. Obstacles that I will expect on this journey is disease. I will ask to bring a few of your finest doctors. Also I need extra supplies such as   food and water in case of unexpected obstacles along the way.

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