Helen Keller

Blind,Deaf But Still The Best

Helen Keller is one of my hero's because

  • She was blind and deaf but she still went to collage and developed the A.C.L.U
  • Helen graduated from Radcliffe university and was the first blind - deaf person to receive a bachelor of arts  degree
  • she had a powerful voice on women suffrage , birth control , and peace
  • Helen made a book about her life called "the story of my life" in 1903
  • She made a silent movie also about her life
  • After collage Keller started working with deaf and blind people too
  • She traveled around the world and gave speeches and visited place that had a lot of blindness
  • Helen Keller learned how to read brail and learned how to talk and that is hard for a blind or deaf and  she was both

And this is why Helen Keller is my hero , She is a know hero  and a lot of people look up to her even people who are not blind or deaf she accomplished many things and didn't give up even if she couldn't hear or see.

By : Nathalia Crowder



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