French newsletter le 8 avril
The Table française meets on Thursday (4/9 and 4/16), 5:30-6:30pm in Duke 307

Plane trees in Provence (taken by J. Starmer)

Expand your French vocabulary with the "fiches gratuites" section of this site (little posters about agriculture, DNA, etc.

Review means of transportation (and their prepositions) in French:

Horse-lover or not, you may enjoy this list of French expressions about horses:

Jon Stewart often uses "un soupçon" on The Daily Show. Here is a list of French words used in English. You can decide if they will make you sound more sophisticated or not!

Harry Potter or fans of fantasy literature: this article presents the challenges of translating (from French into English) what some consider to be the French equivalent of Harry Potter.  Perhaps you'll want to add this to your summer reading list?

If you're more of a crime fiction fan, you may want to listen to this interview with Michael Connelly.  Unfortunately, he doesn't speak French so his answers to the interview questions are translated into French, but the good news is that's more French to practice!

Looking for more ways to practice your French? These aren't necessarily all that bizarre but you may find them helpful:

Paris 1839: the oldest photos of Paris!

You think you know the days of the week...this list might be more appropriate for students (and professors):