Chinese Dynasties

Sui Dynasty

The Sui dynasty started in 581 and lasted until 618. One of the rulers was Wendi, who ruled from 581- 604. He reformed the bureaucracy, and created a new legal code. Another ruler was Yang Di. He ordered people to dig the Grand Canal, which was one of their main accomplishments. The Grand Canal connected the Yellow River with the Huai and Yangtze rivers which made it easier to get from southern to northern China and back again.

Sui Dynasty location.

The Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty lasted from 618-907. There were many great rulers with this dynasty. There was Taizhong, who was one of China's most admired emperors. They also had Wu Zhao, who was the first empress. They built on Sui foundations to create a strong government. They had a bureaucracy, the capital was in Chang'an. During the Tang Dynasty, a civil service examination system was developed. This meant that people had to pass a very challenging written test to get into the government. The Tang Dynasty influenced people across East Asia, Korea, and Japan.

Women's clothing.

The Song Dynasty

The Song Dynasty lasted from 960-1279. Two of the rulers were Taizu and Zhao Kuangyin.  The capitol was at Kaifeng and during this time, the centralized government bureaucracy was restored. During the Song Dynasty their were many advancements in technology and science. There were advancements in agriculture, iron working, and printing. Also a new social class formed. This class was called the Gentry which consisted of scholars and leading land owners. Another achievement was the movable type. It was a way of printing. One of the bigger advancements was the creation of paper money.

Paper money creation.

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