1.1 Written evaluation of hardware and software required

1.2 Text- Info on copyright and libel ect.


1.4 Evaluate there content

You can sign up to the night of the living geeks by clicking the sign up button (which is green top right of the page). once you have clicked this button you have to fill out the form. You can also follow the website on Twitter.

This site has many good point as well as bad. one of the good points is that you get the latest view from others on the latest games and films out, however if your not a big gamer or into films this is not a very good site for you as that is mainly what this site is about.

You sign up to BBC 5live by clicking on the sign in button on the top left of the right hand page shown above once you have clicked on this it will take you to the page shown on the left above. You have to fill out the form and you will finally be signed up.

This site also has some very good points and bad points i would have to say a good point about BBC live is that if your a big sports person that enjoys football,tennis etc this is the site for you as it gives you the latest news and live scores. A bad point about BBC 5 Live is that it is all based around sports however in some peoples opinions this is a good point.

To subscribe to the the smartest man in the world you need to click on the log in (top of the left hand page) then once you click this it will bring you to the right hand page shown above and you need to fill it out then that's all you need to do.

The smartest man in the world is one of my favorite sites i have to say as you don't get many sites with local comedy on. However it does have a down side so far it only has a few comedy acts on and i feel as if there could be more to the website and the membership it self.

To subscribe to podbean you need to click log in (Right hand page of the left hand page shown above) this will bring you to a page that you have to fill out all your details also you have to pay for this page.

Pod bean is another one of my favorite sites as it has a lot of music talent on. it does not however have the top 40 or the latest music it on but it caters for many people as if your into a lot of kind of music styles this is the site for you as it has many styles on the site. However if your only into the latest music i would not recommend this site.

Microphone and Headphones (Headsets)

one of the headsets that the college provides us for our podcast are a pair of Genius HS-04SU headsets. These headphones must have good sound quality as there made for gamers however the review says '' Not what you would call a fancy headset''. So this should tell people that there not the best head set on the market.

Recording Software and Editing Software

For recording, we are going to use a program called Audacity. Audacity is a piece of software that records your voice for any period of time and then you're able to edit the recording to clean it out, make it sound robotic or even speed up/slow down the voice.
Audacity does come with it's down falls though for example you can only record your voice so if you're doing your podcast with people online (e.g Skype call.) all member's have to all have a way to record their voice, Plus you'd have to edit it all together and sinc everyone's voice together and do a lot of messing round.

Internet Browsers.

We used Google chrome. This internet browser boasts on fast upload speed so we can get the content out there faster.

We are also using college computers to produce our podcast as it will be done in college.

File Format Converters

Audacity as a built in file format converter letting you export in different audio files like MP3,WAV, OGG and many more.


What is it?

Defamation is the term for damaging the good reputation of someone or something (maybe to gain something from the results)

Discuss Legislation

How has it impacted businesses.

Franky Boyle has been described as Racist by the daily mirror and received money to cover damages caused by the papers opinion. Defamation is quite a dangerous system.

How Will this affect the content on the Podcast.
This will affect our podcast because we can not falsely acclaim any of the other products being created in the college. Keep the field balanced and clean.

Copyright Laws.

Explain What it is

copyright is the register property/brand to a person/company. You can not use anything that's copyrighted without the owner's consent such as Pizza party Podcast using a theme song that one of channel Frederator's shows because the company said it was fine for ''Pan Pizza'' to use the theme for the podcast.
-Discuss legislation. copy right, Design and patents Act 1988

- How has it impacted businesses. Apple sued Ann Summers because of the Apple themed logo that Ann Summer has sad since Apple themselves use a Apple for their logo.
-How will this affect the content on the podcast?
We can not say on air that we claim something that we do not own. Not only is that plagiarism but that can also be breaking the copyright laws and have a higher chance of being sued by the original creator.

Performing Rights Society (PRS)

-Explain what it is.
PRS for music is what makes it all happen, So then if you want to play music you must pay the PRS to actually broadcast the music.
-Discuss legislation.

-How has it impacted business?
Radio stations have to pay to broadcast the music that they play on the station.
-How will this affect the content on the podcast.
This will affect the podcast because we can not use anything copyrighted for a intro or an outro.

The next step is the pod cast myself and Sophie would like to talk about.

Creating the right curriculum vitae is not as easy as it may seem. In some countries a curriculum vitae (CV) is typically the first item a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview. So you would think that getting a curriculum vitae right is very important however a lot of people do get it wrong. Some people may have the right lay out of a curriculum vitae however there grammar and punctuation is not right for putting on curriculum vitae. Other people might not even know where to start with creating a Curriculum vitae so we would like to give you some guidance on how to avoid making the most common mistakes.
1. Mr Jones? Oh, sorry, Mr James…It may seem obvious but make sure that you have spelt the name of the person you’re sending the application to correctly – on the email and on your cover letter… and that you have their title correct. Mr Smith doesn't want to be called Mr Jones, after all. Then, just to be on the safe side, double-check the company and product names that your spell checker wouldn't have caught.
2. Check it: Speaking of which, spell check. Spell check right now!
3. Right application, wrong company If you’re sending out lots of applications at once double and triple check that the right CV is going to the right job. Every CV should be different – slightly tweaked to make sure it fits each job advert. If you send the wrong CV to the wrong job then you can really harm your chances.
4. Get attached: Attach your attachments! It does not look good if two minutes after you press send you email them again with a bashful 'and this time with attachments'. This is especially true if you've listed attention to detail as one of your attributes
5. Ready, set, format!: Make sure the format of your CV is easy to open for all computers – or at least most of them. There are so many different versions of Word now that some machines can’t access the files attached – it’s best to save your CV as a standard .doc file that any computer can open. Also, be careful with too much formatting – if it’s a highly designed cv for a creative role then a pdf file is a safer option.
6. Judge a book by its title:Your CV should have your name, in bold and clearly laid out, at the top of the document. You don’t need to write 'CV' at the top or even 'Curriculum Vitae' (shudder). You want them to remember your name!
7. Think about it: Make sure the email you’re sending the application from isn’t a cutesy personal email address. Beerlover69@hotmail.com isn't likely to be taken seriously. This is also true of the email address you have added to your CV as a point of contact.
8. Once more for luck:Spell check again!
9. ...But remember Spell checkers aren't infallible. Go through it yourself and look for grammatical errors; if you’re not confident in editing your own work then get a friend or family member to go over it for you. You can always bribe them with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Lucky them.
10. And, finally Now, take a breath. Have one more read through – yes, AGAIN! – and if you’re sure everything is 100% correct press send.

We have listed a few free CV templates you can use to create the perfect CV GOOD LUCK!


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