Thing Link and Tackk

You can use it for many things Thing Link... "Study Guide"

Think Link

Some reasons to use Thing Link is that you can make a class assignments that you can make a presentation with images and videos. Its easy to make them is like if you want to become a teacher you can do your lessen plan with all of  the materials that you need. You can make your class fun or boring with sheets of paper that students don't like to do.  Thing Link its almost like news that people around the world do so can others see them and get some ideas to go and visit the different places  from the world. Thing Link is a free and user friendly digital tool that provides users with the ability to turn any image into an interactive graphic. Create multiple “hot spots” on specific parts of an image and turn that image into a multimedia launcher. Include video, record audio or provide a link to any website with the click of a button. Easily embed an interactive Thing Link graphic into any blog or website. Thing Link is a truly amazing tool that allows users to pack a lot of content into a small space.


In Tackk its almost the same that you can make you lessen and you can chat with others by using Tackk. You can make information that people will like or not but theirs some people that will read them and comment on them. You can search information about somebody and you can use tack to put the information of that person and use some pictures about famous people. Tackk is a place to connect, create and collaborate on the web. Connect to friends, create beautiful pages and collaborate in interactive discussions.  

Positive and Negative

Some of the people they will like your information and work they will like to make the same as yours but theirs some people that will copy and paste your information and they will not give the credit to the people that did the work. Thing Link is just like Facebook , Instagram , etc .. It has its good and bad things that common along with it . For example one good thing about it is the fact you could help others with the post you publish , it could help you connect and work in projects for work , school , etc. The bad things are that if you don't private what you have published anyone could see it , as well as getting all those emails from Thing Link in your accounts you don't need.

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