Spirituality in a Digital Age - Day Three

A   R E V I E W

authority, authenticity, agency

knowing as relational community of truth

definitions of spirituality

information / knowledge / wisdom in digital culture

stories and storying

mythic and parabolic

ritual and narrative

storytelling / storylistening

story sharing in digital media

Group Conversations
(Based on Public Conversations Project)


1. what in your life influences your perspective on social media and spirituality?

2. when you think about social media and spirituality, what matters most to you?

3. within your own perspective, what questions do you still wrestle with?

4. questions of genuine interest, reflections and observations

What came out of the group conversations?

*concerns re: social media, around issues of agency


                                                                         lack of structures



* social media's spirituality, connections with social justice

* how do we define "social media" in the first place?

* The potential of social media -- we paradoxically experience human freedom, as well as         hatred, on SM...

* What is our responsibility as users of social media? How does it dehumanize?

             (Is the issue SM itself, or what it reveals?)

              (What does it mean to be dehumanized?)

Adaptive Challenges

(from Heifetz):

Technical challenges...


Adaptive challenges: messy challenges, no clear answer/technique.

we learn as we go... with each other (there is no "expert")

ISSUES to ponder:
      privacy issues
               healthy approaches to media

Additional Resources:

Like food, we need communication to survive...

                                                           ...and this is where the conversations are happening!

(and simply intervening and cutting out food is not as effective

                                            as shaping good eating practices and setting boundaries....)

(and as faith-shapers, how do we talk about these things with parents, and their children/teens? How can we be attentive to the fears of parents and the yearnings of their kids? And how do we help parishioners / etc. develop new practices?

                                                                                                       .....it's an adaptive practice.

Issues of intellectual property

Copyright and Fair Use has to do with how we share our IDEAS....

      in ways that protect artists' intellectual property


              So how does that work with digital media?


                                        --by using Creative Common Licenses.

to consider...
   what are the justice issues regarding social media?
                     i.e., access
                             promoting creativity
        legal protection of monetary interests