What God accomplished in Jesus!

My  name is Mary Hess, and I teach religion and education at Luther Seminary, in ST. Paul, MN.

This picture was originally taken as part of Luther Seminary's divestment campaign (from fossil fuels), but I like the quote so much I'll share it here, too.

I've loved media of all sorts since I was a child -- books, film, tv, photography -- and once the web started (in 1992) I began to explore digital media.

My hope for this January is that we come together to learn, to explore, to ask big questions. And that we come away having enjoyed our time together, and with questions that are much bigger than the ones with which we began.

Below I'm going to share a number of photos I've taken this past year. They're glimpses of my life and my interests.

I'm also playing with how you can embed other things in tackk -- so here's a link to one of my more recent slideshares that will give you further glimpses of my context.