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Fun Facts


Capital- Guatemala City

Currency- Quetzal

Population- 14 million

Official name- República de Guatemala

Neighboring countries- Honduras and El Savlador

Fun Places to Visit

Tikal- the ruins of an ancient Mayan city in the rainforest. People like to come visit here and experience what an ancient civilization looked like. When the Mayan lived there Tikal was a very influential and important city.

Lake Atitlán - a beautiful lake where you will meet the local mayans. This is a great place if you are a curious traveler. This lake has not been cleaned up, it is still real. The weather there is incredible and it is absolutely a gorgeous view.  

Pacaya- an active beautiful volcano that erupted last in 2010. When you go to Pacaya the tours you can take are very accessible for anyone so you don't have to be in great shape to see this amazing view. If you're looking for an adventure, this place is perfect.  

Food in Guatemala

Breakfast- Eggs, tortillas, beans, plantains, fruit, and coffee.

Meals- Corn, beans, rice, cheese, tortillas, meat stews and soups.

Snacks- Guacamole, spiced mangos, tortillas, nachos, elotes

Guatemala Expressions




Guatemala Climate

Guatemala's climate is hot and humid. It is mountainous, has heavy forests, and a narrow coastal plains. There are also 4 active volcanos and rivers leading into the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.

Guatemala Culture Dance

In Guatemala there is a two day festival that happens in August and celebrates Mayan tradition and culture. There are 8 dances that they do to celebrate. Some examples are the dance of the deer, the dance of the monkeys, and the dance of conquest. The dance of the deer is significant because it was an ancient ritual for the Deer Hunt. When present day people from Guatemala people celebrate this and perform this dance, they show how hunters and wild animals fight for the deer meat. When it ends, there is a feast and there is enough meat for everyone.

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