How Biomedical Engineers use Math in Their Job

By: Danielle Lucido


Biomedical Engineers use math everyday.  Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principals to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. They have to use more complex math like calculus and geometry like the biomedical engineer did in the video linked below:   But they also use simpler math such as the real number system, slope and scientific notation.

How They Use The Real Number System

Biomedical engineers use the real number system when organizing data on graphs.  Biomedical engineers have solve equations so the real number system would be used then too. Real numbers are also used in more complex math like calculus.

How They Use Slope

Biomedical engineers use slope when graphing subjects to see if they are progressing or regressing.  They also use slope to see how much a certain subject is progressing or regressing.

How They Use Scientific Notation

Biomedical Engineers use Scientific Notation when dealing with the periodic table of elements.  You would also use scientific notation when using very large or very small numbers in equations.  


Overall, biomedical engineers use a lot of math everyday at their job.  So as boring as eighth grade math can be sometimes at least I know that I will be using it when I'm older.

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