An Adventure in the Trenches!

French soldiers out in the trenches.

Are you looking for an adventure? Have you been bored lately, without a person to infect? Well here is a place for you! Come to France, where soldiers fighting in World War I are hiding in the trenches. All diseases, parasites, and bugs are welcome! Lice are popular patrons to the trenches, so it is very likely that you will find a bug you know!

World War I started on July 28, 1914, and it is a war centered in Europe. French soldiers have been in the trenches for many long months, with little food to give them the energy to fight. Their food is of very poor quality, and very tasteless.They are exhausted, and they have little comfort. This makes them ideal victims to contract some diseases!  

French gun with bayonet.

French soldiers in the trenches use guns with bayonets at the front. Bayonets are good in hand to hand combat, because they can easily stab the opponent. Hand grenades were also very popular with the French.

Soldiers carry at least 55 pounds that is distributed throughout their body. This weight included clothing, a rifle, trench tools, rations, and a water pack, among many other things. This makes the soldiers very tired, despite the rigorous training they went through to become a soldier.

A soldier that has trench foot.

Soldiers were prone to diseases in the trenches, because of their exhausted state and the disgusting conditions they had to live in. Everything was dirty and damp. Trench foot was an infection of the feet that was caused by unsanitary and wet conditions. Sometimes, trench foot got so bad that the foot needed to be amputated.

Come one, come all, dysentery bacteria! Dysentery was another disease that caused the inflammation of the lining of the large intestine. This caused diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. There was no proper sanitation in the trenches, so the bacteria that caused dysentery easily contaminates the soldiers' rations and water. Be ready to make many soldiers sick!

Body lice! Here is a calling for you! It is your turn to leave red bite marks all over the soldiers' bodies, and cause trench fever. Soldiers will try many ways to get rid of you, such as having baths in vats of hot water, and burning the lice with a candle. Be prepared for the worst, but be ready for a great time!

Come to the trenches, you won't be disappointed!

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