Nationality: Italian, Died: Age 88

Lived mainly in two Italian cities throughout his life: Arezzo (located in central Italy) and Caprese Michelangelo (Village located in Tuscany, Italy)

Michelangelo's father served as a government agent in Florentine. The family moved to Florence before he was one month old. He was drawn to the arts when his mother died at the age of six. Because his family had a high social status, they discouraged him from looking into a career in the arts.

Despite his father's wishes, Michelangelo got himself articled as an assistant in a workshop that was run by artists. Through the beginning of his life, he enjoyed paining, but

Physical Appearance: Broad and strong shoulders and arms from countless hours of work, dark hair, brown eyes flecked with gold, wore beard divided in two points, clothes were often little more than rags

Personality Traits- Bizarre (Most people thought of him as a strange person because he was a loner and very messy), Unsanitary (He slept with his clothes and boots on and rarely showered), Loner (Mostly alone and didn't like to be with people, rejected most people to become his pupil), Melancholy (Wrote letters to people about how sad he was and expressed this is some of his drawings), Brilliant (His sculptures were amazing and creative)

Accomplishments: great leader in the Italian Renaissance; painting the Sistine Chapel; made another suggestion by using the central area of the ceiling to paint the history of the Old Testament and it included over 300 figures; Beginning in 1491, Michelangelo carved Madonna of the Stairs and it took him one year to complete it; Next was the Pieta was started in 1498 and finished in 1500. He began Doni Tondo in 1503, taking him two years to complete the painting. In 1534, twenty-three years after the Sistine Chapel was completed, Michelangelo began to paint The Last Judgment, located over the altar at the same church as the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo was noted for use of color, light, tone design, and draftmanship. He excelled in architecture, sculture and anatomy.

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