Valentine's Day Cards

1. I don't like this card because the bear does not blend in with the rest of the graphics on the card.

2. This is a bad card to me because a superhero is not romantic and hearts don't go along with the superhero.

3. I don't like this valentine's day card because it has to do with science and science is not romantic.

4. This is a bad card because the chocolates look real and the graphics in the back don't match with the chocolates.

5. This card is really ugly because the little alien (Yoda) is really ugly.

1. I like this card because it has a pop up effect. I also like the green border it has and it also goes along with the pop up rose.

2. This card is cute because it is nice and simple and the hearts flying out of the basket make it seem more romantic.

3. I like this card because it has a cute little elephant holding a heart. Since the elephant is a cartoon it makes is cute.

4. This valentine's card is good because it has a 3-D effect and you can put a little candy or something in the box. Also the box looks like a fox and it is cute.

5. This card is nice because it is using LEGO in the saying and the heart made out of LEGOS is creative.

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