Fabric Construction.

Steps involved in fabric production

  1. Fabrics are basically twisted together and spun into yarn.
  2. Yarns are woven/knitted to form fabric.
  3. Color added by dye.
  4. To finish you has to make sure the fabric is suitable for its use.

Turning Yarn into Fabric

Weaving is the process or lacing one or more pieces of yarn at an angle on a loom. Warp yarns are yarn that is length wise in woven fabric. Weft yarns are yarns that crosswise in woven fabric. Grain is the direction and cross wise of the thread in the yarn to woven in a fabric. Bias is the diagonal of the fabric and stretches the fabric.


Plain weave is the simple w eave in which the weft yarn is passed over under each part of yarn. A basket weave is one vibration with yarn passing over it. Twill weave is a weave which yarn is pass over a few yarns and starting an new line. Twill weave is used for durability, which makes the weave diagonal. Satin weave is weave that produce smooth shiny fabric. Other weaves are Pile, Dobby, Jacquard, and Leno.


Knitting is constructing fabric by looping yarns together. Weft knit is knit made only by one piece of yarn and it crosses over. Cut edges will curl, and it run if snagged. Warp knit is made with several pieces of yarn. It doesn't ravel, and has selvage edges. gauge is number of stitches per inch in a fabric knitted.

Additional ways to construct fabric

  • Non woven: Fibers are together using heat, moisture, or pressure. Ex: quilt
  • Laces and net: made by knots, twists or etc. Ex: lace
  • Braided fabrics: braiding the fabric, use by 3 yarns to form a pattern. Ex: shoelaces
  • Bonded fabric: made by fastening 2 layers of fabric by lamination. Ex: ski wear
  • Quilted fabric: layer of patting/batting sandwiched together between 2 layers of fabric. Ex: bedspread

Fabric finishing

Apply colors, design, that look, feel or performance of fabric.

  • Bleaching: chemical process to remove color, or spots from fabric.
  • Dyeing: A method of giving color to a fiber, yarn, fabric or garment.
  • Printing: process of adding color, pattern, or design to front/back of fabric.

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