Eli Ledy for Mr. Mulvihill's 4th hour class

"To speak truly, few adult persons can see nature. Most persons do not see the sun." Ralph Waldo Emerson from Nature

For my project I chose nature. Some of these pictures are from earlier times but others are from more recently in some woods by Mitchell's house. Mitchell and I decided to go out into the woods together to experience nature but also to be with someone so we did not feel quite as weird about it.

Found him in the woods

We sat out there for a good hour in silence. It's amazing how fast the time flies by even when you aren't doing anything. Every once in awhile we would comment on things we saw or felt but other than that we kept to ourselves and enjoyed the peacefulness.

The water looks so majestic pouring over the edge of the rock.
Its amazing that this whole was made by water
These holes are from a wood pecker that we saw earlier.

In the beginning of this project I wasn't really sure if I wanted to actually go outside or if I should just make stuff up. The thought of just hanging out in the woods seemed so boring but once we got out there, I felt free of any obligation to time or any commitments to school or  any other responsibilities that I had.

This tree was so smooth.

While I was outside, I saw a woodpecker, many other kinds of birds, three fawns and a doe, a blue herring, a dog, squirrels, and ducks.

If I could I would do what Henry David Thoreau did, it seems so peaceful.

During this adventure, I realized how beautiful nature truly is. Everything out there is beautiful, this escapade made me realize that I should do this more. It released all my stress and helped me calm down and relax. It let my brain take a break from worrying about everything in my life and just let me take a moment to appreciate the outdoors. I think that everyone should do this as much as possible. It is sad how we keep killing it to expand our cities when really the outdoors is the only thing keeping us sane from out busy lives.

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