8MEH.2.2  The Decision Making Model

What should i do?

I'm in the eighth grade, & i earn above average grades in every class except science. My favorite after-school activity is playing Basketball. I would like to play basketball in high school next year. But the high school says that all athletes must pass all their classes in order to participate in a sport. I've also been given the chance to go to basketball camp, but the basketball camp takes place the same exact time as the science school. I have to weeks to sign up for basketball camp or summer science school. What should I do?

My options ...

I can either go to basketball camp & just play basketball for the school next year, or I can go to Summer science school & play basketball this year.

outcomes of either decision ...

If I go to basketball camp, I won't be able to play basketball at school net year because of my science grade. And, if i go to the Science school, I won't have a fun summer..

My decision ..

I will go to the Basketball camp, because I'd rather have a fun Summer than to play basketball for my school next year. I can always play for the county & go against my school. I think that it's better to have fun & enjoy the summer then to be miserable at summer school & have regret for my decision, that'll just cause me to stress.

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