My Freshman Experience

Point Five Oh

Freshman Experience Point Five Oh(.50) , is my(Amanda Harper) story all the way from Move-up Day to the end of the first semester at TCHS. i.e. the first half(.50) of my first year here.

Move-up Day

Freshman Year didn't start August 23rd. It actually started many months ago in the spring of 2012. Near the end of the year our county piled all of the eighth graders from Tucker Valley and Davis Thomas Middle school onto overcrowded buses, and shipped us up to the high school for a day. We did learn a lot about rules and such, but perhaps Move-up Day would have been more of a positive experience if we'd gotten warmer welcome. For the most part we were ignored by the upperclassmen, but lunch proved to be quite a predicament when all of the girls piled into two tables to eat, all the while avoiding death stares from some upper-class losers trying to intimidate us.

And believe it or not my day actually got worse. While boarding buses I forgot which number to get on, so I figured "Well they all end up at the Middle School anyway, right?", and hopped on a random bus. No. I missed my bus home and Mom had to drive to town to get me. Talk about a fail!


Cross Country

Although we had to learn the faces of 300 new people, some of my friends and I got our foot in the door when we signed up for Cross Country. That allowed us to meet at least a few familiar faces before we walked through those big quad-doors on the first day of school. We thought practice in Hendricks was grueling, where it's all flat, but oh! How I wish I could go back and tell myself, "This is nothing compared to the course at the high school(which has hills and more rough terrain), you're going to miss this!" It was really fun, though. Running through the shady, cool, calm, woods is a lot better than running around on a track in the beating sun with everyone staring at you and scrutinizing your form.

I'll never forget the first medal I ever won. It was a 1st place"Run for It" medal.Okay,maybe the Run For It isn't a 'meet' meet, but it's a race nonetheless and I am very proud to display it, haha! :D   

A Whole New System


One of the first things we did when school started was trudge to the gym and be assigned to a house. This was a new concept for most of us, unless you read the Harry Potter books, which I think is where the whole 'House' idea originated. It replaced the old homeroom system and supposedly would allow students of all grades to bond. Mr. Hameric(our principal) also mentioned something about how House system would prevent shootings like the Colombine shootings. It's a good idea, but we don't necessarily "bond" in my house(I'm in the Brown house. A beautiful color, huh?). We sort of separate into our friend groups and chat, so the validity of that philosophy is questionable.


Once school started and we were assigned our lockers, I, among many others, wasn't used to having a locker that actually locked. I just didn't know how I could solve absolute value equations, but couldn't open my locker. A few times I actually had to track down Mr. Hameric and have him open my locker with his master key.

Gym lockers were another story. Once we had gotten our locks, we had to go through the process of choosing our locker from the walls of little metal boxes that boasted doodles of suns, dolphins, warnings of aids infested lockers and even the occasional penis. This was a very disturbing time for our more...sheltered classmates.


At Tucker Valley, we were spoiled with the nicest, most caring bunch of teachers we'll probably ever have. Don't get me wrong, we have nice teachers at TCHS, but at Tucker Valley, my whole day was full of nice teachers.(except one or two) Here, we all learned how hard it is to re-adjust to a whole new slough of teachers.

Personally, I found out what it was like to have a hard-"you know what" teacher for the first time. Some of our teachers were really bad about not actively updating our grades. Don't even get me started on Edline! I probably grew gray hair this semester. I'm serious!

A lot of others were having problems with their math teachers too. I heard a LOT of complaining about Mrs. Barlow at the beginning of the year. Some upperclassman even claimed that she was just mean simply because she didn't like Freshman. However, as the semester progressed they warmed up to her and I started hearing a lot more positive things about her.


One good thing about going to high school is that you get to chose electives. Our excitement was shattered, however, when our guidance counselor informed us that we would not have any free electives due to the fact they were forcing us to take Spanish and Freshman Experience as our two electives. Looks like the excitement of electives will be left to next year. *sigh*   I was really looking forward to taking cooking with our new chef, Mr. Covell. Although it saddens me to say so, I don't think Mr. Covell will last long here at TCHS. He's too good for TCHS just like Dr. Eka was. :(


Guess what? It doesn't exist. In all seriousness, the whole, "Oh, Freshman get picked on!" thing is all hype. The upperclassmen just kinda...ignore us. Basically, they really don't care.

Upward and Onward

Well, that pretty much sums it up! It feels good to look back on my first semester at TCHS, and contemplate my limitless future. Who knows what awaits me here?  

So, as the old saying goes:

Yesterday is History,

Tomorrow is a Mystery

Today is a gift,

that's why it's called the Present

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