Luis Aguilar

College Project #ACESL6

1. Letter of Intent

2. Embedded Video with Link to Official Website

3. College Application:

4. Letter of Recommendation

5. Presentation / Presi

6. FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Luis Aguilar: Letter of intent
''Fort Bliss''

Dear Master Sargeant,

Because I have a high performance physical condition,I like the military and I would be the fourth person in the family to become another soldier. I know I can be better than my family who were soldiers and I have a good performance,weapons handling,I'm smart and I'm good at fixing problems.

I e been in a military school for six months and I milita I have knowledge of self-defense and how to defendrily

And the group of the green beret is the best of all the group the 'ARMY' because  They can survive anywhere


Luis Aguilar

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