Chance The Rapper

Part 1
The song I chose to analyze is called Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment. The song was released early, prior to the album 'Surf' that came out a few weeks ago. The genre is considered to be Neo Soul/ Hip­Hop. This song is a collaboration of Chance the Rapper and Jamila Woods that is put together with amazing instrumentation. There isn’t exactly much message from the song, instead the whole song is just about Chance's Grandmother. The
reason i picked this song is because of how uplifting of a song it is. I don’t know exactly what it is, but this song always seems to just make me feel happy and makes me think of my grandma aswell.  The purpose of this song is to make you understand how much Chances grandma meant to him and to make you think about all the things your grandmas done for you. The meaning of the title almost explains what the song is about itself, his “Sunday Candy” referring to his grandmother who he would most often seen at church on Sundays. In an interview, Chance talks about how where he grew up(South Side Chicago), grandmothers were very often the matriarchs of the family. Overall the song is basically an ode to his grandmother and her personality and lifestyle. “I got a future so I'm singing for my grandma. You singing too, but your grandma ain't my grandma. Mine's is hand made, pan fried, sun dried. Southside, and beat the devil by a landslide. Praying with her hands tied, president of my fan club” In these series of lines Chance makes it clear that although coming from difficult times and being so tied up with things in her life, his grandma still manages to be holy. He gets the point across that his grandmother is extremely fond of him and loves him a lot. “She could say in her voice, in her way that she love me. With her eyes, with her smile, with her belt, with her hands, with her money. I am the thesis of her prayers. Her nieces and her nephews are just pieces of the layers. Only ones she love as much as me is Jesus Christ and Taylor” When he says Taylor he is referring to his brother Taylor Bennet. Chance also talks about how much of an advantage it is to be loved so much by her, and he clearly states that in these next few lines. “I come to Christmas for dinner, fifty rolls on my plate. Hella holes in my stocking holding your pockets in place. I like my love with a budget, I like my hugs with a scent. You smell like, light, gas, water, electricity rent” I believe that this song is trying to target basically anyone with a grandmother and people who like uplift and happy musical beats and lyrics. This song is a great representation of modern
day soul/hip­hop and will defiantly attract many new listeners to this genre. People who enjoy positive lyricism in song will defiantly enjoy this song, but at the same time you don’t need to even listen to the lyrics for this song to put you in a good mood. So basically anyone with good vibes would enjoy this song. Someone who may not like this song would be someone who only really only likes gangster/trap hip­-hop or rap. The reason being is cause most of music is just about money, sex, drugs and fame, and not actually about whats really important in life. They only enjoy listening to songs about things they would like to be doing, instead of what really matters. No the official video for this song just makes it that much better. Just like the instrumentation and the lyrics, its nothing but upbeat. The reason it doesn’t take away from the
song is because in the video the focuses almost solely on the person singing at the time, so it's not super easy to get distracted from the music itself.

Part 2
My favourite musician is Chancelor Bennett (Chance the Rapper). He is from Chicago, and he is only 21 years old. When Chance was suspended in Gr.12 for 10 days for having weed at school, he
wrote his first mixtape “10 day”. He released it 6 months later and it has over 100,000 recorded downloads. He then released his second mixtape, “Acid Rap” in 2013 and has gone to feature inmany different songs and was just part of an album release called “Surf” by Donnie Trumpet andthe Social Experiment. The mixtape “Acid Rap” is practically all inspired by LSD and its woozy, psychedelic sound may have something to do with all the acid he drop during the recording
process. Kanye West was a huge inspiration to Chance, in fact Kanyes album “College Dropout” was Chances first ever music album he bought. “Kanye took me from a kid who listened to music
to a kid who lived music.”

Chance performs mainly Hip­hop but sometimes incorporated with a little bit of pop and modern

Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiement

The reason Chance is my favourite performer is because of his uniqueness of style. He is unlike every other rapper out there. Even though some of his favourite artists are Jay­Z, Eminem and Kanye, his rapping is nowhere near similar to any of theirs. Im able to relate to a lot of his songs easily, especially his first official mixtape, “10 day” which he wrote at the age I am right I like how none of his songs are derogatory to others or negative to others, and instead he raps about personal growth and storytelling of important events in his life. Although he does refer sometime to things such as social criticism as well as some recreational drugs, it clearly isn’t themain focus in he songs. His mix of outstanding rap and sung vocals along with his complex flow patterns make for a super enjoyable listen. On top of that the instrumentation always is exciting, complex and uplifting.

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