Why do you have to be so rude

Dear Ugly Step Mother,

I have written this letter to you because you are by far the rudest, ugliest, meanest person I have ever met and so are your daughters. Why do you have to be so mean all the time you could at least try to be nice and not be so mean. you make me do all the work and you don’t even help. And you don’t even let me make my own choices. and know that you stole my glass slipper

Firstly, you treat me like a slave and you don’t let me go anywhere. I mean I’m a person to. you don’t even help! If you helped or let me out of the house you wouldn't end up in the castle dungeon. So I am not very sorry that you will be locked up forever. And don’t try to escape there are ninety five thousand guards around the castle and one hundred thousand around the streets.

Secondly, you never let me make any of my own choices. You didn't let me go to the ball, I never was allowed to go out. What kind of person does that. I find that absolutely disgraceful. Why would you do something like that. And your twin daughters look really ugly and so do you. You are a very very horrible person and I don’t ever want to see you again.

Now, I know it was you who stole my glass slipper just because I am waaaaay more beautiful then you and you secretly knew it was me all along I know that just as well prince charming was there to stop you. then prince charming had to go around the whole town trying to find me. Thats an example of true love something that you will never ever have.

I find you the most horrible, ugliest, meanest person in the world. Tell your two ugly daughters. That they are horrible people for tormenting me all the time with dresses saying do you want to dress up with us. Well heres some news for them you guys are soooo ugly so if anyone was dressing up it should be me not them. So I will be expecting you to knock on my castle door at eight o'clock and if you are not there my guards will find you and you will be executed.

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