captain America

The culture of captain America

This culture is about captain America and whats it like to be him.

This super hero as you can see is from the country Bronx that was founded by Andrew Jackson in 1899 by mistake when he was running away by some guards.


This country's religion is catholic and they were all forced to believe in cathololicism because the leader is really catholic and so he decided that he was going to make his country catholic.


The type of government they have is a dictatorship  because they have some how gotten to influence the president so he decided to always have the government rule.It works by letting the government take control of everything.


Well our economy is really bad because our dictator gets all the money and we get really nothing thats why we hardly never move forward as a country.Our system works by trading oil .


Our schools only let guys go to school and only until there fourteen,but the cost of our schooling is fifty dollars per kid .

Our country protects itself with soldiers at every border armed with electric blue guns and neon green outfits.

Our citizens really do feel safe when there not in the country.

When our citizens really need help they go to the authorities.


We have mostly normal seasons really except in the winter when sometimes really we have weeks of complete sunshine 24/7 and in the winter we basically shut everything down because everything gets frozen.


The language we speak is french mixed with spanish.Its actually known to be the hardest language in the world.Only a few people get to learn it completely.


Our food my goodness is to die for.We got mexican food then we got italian man its to die for.


My people live in small cities ,the population is like 300, Not alot, and our people live in houses big and small.The architecture is a bit difficult.


The families are set up with the "know your place "quote.They are all set up with jobs and yes all member do live together until you are married.

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