Are We Really Safe?

America Montejano

May 31, 2014

English Honors B

Mrs.Senteno / Period 4

Every person is entitled to feel safe anywhere they go. There is a problem in our Airport Security. Too many incidents have happened already, it is time to make a change and prevent any more damage. It is time to have everyone feel safe instead of feeling  like this! Many think with enforcing security this will happen but it will make the person feel much safer.

Why do People feel unsafe?

9/11 which left a huge impact in the citizens, all because airport security was not able to check responsibly. The Malaysia Airlines incident, they later found out that some passports were not valid, all because of security failure.


It is time to enforce security and make every single person that steps in an airport to go through security check. It is very easy, everyone just needs to want to do it. The new policy: Everyone must go through airport security.

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