Characteristics of Free Enterprise Capitalism

Economic Freedom

Because of economic freedom, this man can create a new business, decide who he would like to employ, which goods he would like produce and what he would like to do with his profits. He is thinking of all the possibilities he can do with these freedoms.

Voluntary Exchange

This picture depicts the whole idea of voluntary exchange in which buyers and sellers engage in market transactions. People "trade" goods and money to get the items that they need or want.

Private Property Rights

Tia Torres took her private property and opened it up as a animal rescue center. This is an example of how people have the right to decide how their private property is used.

Profit Motive

The man above is obviously thinking about money, which encourages people and organizations to expand their companies and work harder. The desire to make money is what inspires entrepreneurs to make new products.


This picture shows how competition ignites new/ better products that would be desirable to consumers, which will in turn make the producers more money.

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