Career Research Project
Heavy Equipment Operator
Seth Nelson

Salary - $22.25 during apprenticeship only 35-45% of the journey rate.

Professional Requirements - communication skills, decision making skills, and time management skills

Job Description - A Heavy Equipment Operator is responsible for operating heavy equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Heavy equipment may include trucks, front-end loaders, bulldozers, graders, compactors, snowblowers and other pieces of equipment. A Heavy Equipment Operator must also clean, maintain and secure all equipment as directed by legislation, policies and procedures. The Heavy Equipment Operator must deal with residents and members of the public in a courteous and respectful manner. This includes receiving complaints about schedules and levels and quality of service. A Heavy Equipment Operator must make note of and report on any such complaints and respond in a courteous and respectful manner.

Education Requirements - High School Diploma, 3-4 year apprenticeship

College - Two years at Black Hawk East

Role Model - My father is my role model he works long hours as a combine mechanic and still comes home to work on the house or in the fields. He makes time for family and friends and helps people when he can. I look up to my father because he can do almost anything and is always there when he is needed making him the ideal person to have around for help and guidance.

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