Learning How To Drive In New York – Pedestrian Road Rules 101

Yes you read it right! In a New York driving school, you will learn a lot more than just handling the wheel. You will also be learning about the rules that are applicable to pedestrians who are walking on the road. And these schools have a very good reason to be doing so. You see, they are not tying to provide you any training in being a good pedestrian. But these rules are a very important part of the lessons you will receive.

You see the reason why it is important for you to be learning all these different kinds of road rules is because this knowledge will help you in anticipating pedestrian behaviour on the road. It means that if you see a couple of people standing at the edge of the road near a crossing as you approach them, you will understand that they are about to make for the other side. You will automatically become alert, slow the car down and allow them to pass.

The most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, particularly children, older or disabled people, cyclists, motorcyclists and others. It is important that you are careful about these road users and learn to drive your car in a way that is safe for everyone out there. Here is a breakup of the different set of rules that are applicable to pedestrians while they are on the road. Use these rules to the best of your advantage and try to anticipate pedestrian behaviour.

• Pedestrians are always advised to be walking on pavements. Therefore if you are driving too close to one, be a little alert as to keep the walkers safe.

• Pedestrians who are very close to the curb are in most danger of being hit by oncoming traffic. Your New York driving school will always advise to try and avoid driving too close to these areas. But there might be a situation where it cannot be helped. If you ever face something like this, be as alert as you can and drive slowly so that you do not hit a pedestrian by accident.

• Most instructors will tell you to be varying of pedestrians who are walking with their back to oncoming traffic. They are putting themselves in danger by doing so because this manner of walking will render them unaware of your approach behind them. Their behaviour will thus be unpredictable. Make sure you pass these people carefully. Give them a warning of your approach if you need to be using your horn.

• In case you are in a section of the road where there is no pavement, you will need to be extra careful. You are getting this advice because the pedestrians will now have to use the road itself for commuting and will thus be in even more danger from the oncoming traffic.

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