Portray Myself

        I portray myself as someone who people can trust and someone who will never let anyone get bullied.  I also am polite to my friends and family. I present myself to society as a caring person and someone who doesn't judge people by the way they look. I do this by helping out anyone who needs it not just my friends. I also do it by not being mean to people who have done nothing wrong to me.

Different Persona

      If I could portray a different persona it would be to not be shy at all. When I'm older I want to be a photographer. If I want to be this I can't be shy. This is different from how i usually portray myself because if I meet someone new I'm very shy around them. Also if I'm not shy I could speak in front of lots of people and I would be able to sing in front of people. Hopefully when I'm older I won't be shy any more so I can follow my dreams.

Legacy At Allan Drive

   Yes people see me the way I want to be seen. I want people and my friends and family to see me as someone who they can trust and won't let them get hurt. I also think people see me as someone who will stand up for anyone who is getting bullied. The legacy I want to leave at Allan Drive is work as hard as you can you will do amazing things. I chose this because it's true if you work hard everything you want will come true.

Digital Footprint

 My digital footprint is on Twitter and Instagram. I believe people on Instagram think I'm some one loves Katy Perry, Cher Lloyd and music. On my Instagram I post pictures of my friends, quotes and pictures I took with my camera and my iPod. Also on Twitter I believe people I like a lot of youtubers. On my Twitter I post pictures go places I have gone. I also follow fames people.


Quote " No one decides my fate but me." - Emilie De Ravin

   I chose this quote because no one can change your fate but you. This quote is also from my favourite TV show Once Upon A Time. I also like this quote because I know some people try to change other peoples future. Another reason I like this quote is that Emili is also my favourite actress. So this is why I chose the quote " No one decides my fate but me."

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