An Introduction to me

by Rachael McCullough

Hi! My name is Rachael McCullough, but I like to be called Rae.

This is my first year at PALCS and my first time at cyber school! I've been in Catholic and Public schools before this.

I love history a lot. So I got into reenacting. I reenact WWII and The American Revolution.

I am an Irish Dancer for McDade school of Irish Dance.

I have won many awards with my dance school.     

Toe Stands
Some of my favorite dancers

I am a Cadette Girl Scout

Girl Scout Troop trip

My hobbies include going to Disney World and traveling

I took this photo
Chinese acrobats
In Acadia, Maine
I caught this photo

Hope you enjoyed!!!!

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3 years ago

Rae, I loved this! Great job! I really enjoyed seeing so many pictures that helped me learn more about you!

3 years ago

Thank you Mrs. Kang!

3 years ago

If you look at GSEP events, I go to some.