Narrative Poem,-Howard 6. November 4,2013

Peyton with the dark hair.
Peyton of the teeth bucked out like a beaver.
Peyton whose face nobody remembers.
Is a person who doesn't care about anything
Doesn't help out around the house
Just sits on our brown couch
Remains motionless like a rock
Plays baseball
He does not practice unless told too

Peyton has his good and bad days
If he is mad then he will take it out on you
He runs hard and plays fast
If he doesn't he knows he will get yelled at

Peyton on the inside is just a small boy
He tries his his best even if it doesn't look like it
He also looks at the best in people
A person I love no matter what
He loves his his family even the ones he fights with
He likes to hunt even if he can't hit an elephant
He tries his best in school
But isn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen
Most of all he doesn't care what people think of him

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