The name of the country is Ecuador. The capital of Ecuador is Quito. The major languages of Ecuador are Spanish, Quechua (one of the native languages), Colorado, Siona, and Shuar. The location of Ecuador is in Latin America, on the northwest coast of South America. The population of Ecuador is 15.74 million, the average age of the people in Ecuador is 26 years old. The average life expectancy in Ecuador is 76.19 years old.

Location of Ecuador in South America


Major Rivers include the Daule River, part of the Pacific Ocean, and the Napo River. Major cities in Ecuador include Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca.

The Daule River


Ecuador normally  has a warm climate, and is mostly summer. The average annual rainfall in Ecuador ranges from 165 inches in April to 29 inches in July. The average temperature in Ecuador is about 14°C. Ecuador has a warm climate meaning that it can increase general manufacturing, retail and services.


The type of government Ecuador has is a Representative Democracy. Major religions in Ecuador include Roman Catholic, as well as many other christian faiths. Major sports in Ecuador include soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Popular foods in Ecuador include pork, chicken, rice, and corn. The popular holidays in Ecuador include New Year's Day, Christmas, and  the Día del Civismo.


Interesting Facts

Popular transportation in Ecuador includes Bus Service, that is used in the cities, walking, and taxis. An unusual law in Cuenca, Ecuador is if you are caught speeding you can be put in jail for up to three days. Native animals in Ecuador include iguanas, pelicans, llamas, parrots, sea lions, and tortoises.


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