52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 30/Album 30

Who:  Bad Religion - "Recipe For Hate"

When: Fall, 1993.

Why:  Enter, High School years.  These are the years that my love for punk rock/hardcore really took ahold of my musical taste.  My freshman year was the beginning, and this record was at the front. This wasn't the first Bad Religion I had heard, but it was definitely the one I heard the most and the first I owned.  
After about a month of taking the RTA from North Olmsted to Lakewood to St.Ed's everyday, my buddy Mike Sobey's older brother Kenny started to give me a ride. Kenny jammed this record (among others) everyday and it started to catch on with me.  Although Bad Religion had been around for a long time, and I had heard them before, I never really got into them until I heard this record. Kenny recorded me a copy of this (and NOFX's White Trash...which could easy swap places with this record) and I was hooked on Left Coast Skate Punk.  This record opened the door for me to Epitaph Records, Fat Wreck Chords and Lookout! Records.

Where: I've seen BR more times than I can remember.  I think I've seen them 3rd most of all the bands I love.

Picking one song, is picking the entire album.

I don't think I know anyone that listens to punk rock that doesnt like Bad Religion. They are the fathers of skate punk.  Although they have a million albums, and they all sound just about the same, they never get old.  Most people I know have one or two BR albums that they love more, and this is, and always be, my favorite.  

Bad Religion is one of the most respected bands in punk rock. Although their songs sound very similar, they have stood the test of time. Greg Graffin still uses words that I've never heard of before, and slides them into songs without you realizing what they mean.  Their rhythm section was always so tight, and the most underrated part of BR was their backup vocals. I have always caught myself singing along to the backups more than the main vocals.

The love of this record spread to my new friends as well. I connected with guys at my new school based on a love of rock and punk rock.  We even started my first band in the winter of 1993, and the first song that we learned was "American Jesus"

As of today they have 33 years as a band, 16 Studio albums, 3 live records, 3 compilations and 1 Xmas record. Bad Religion will go down in music history as one of the best Punk Rock bands of all time.