Hot Air Balloon

  • The Hot air balloon was invented on November 21,1783, by two french brothers; Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier.
  • The Hot Air Balloon was originally used for; military use in the American Civil War, communication during the siege of Paris in 1871, and observation for trenches in world war one.
  • The Hot Air Balloon are mostly used for leisure flights. The Hot Air Balloon can also be used for commercial use, but typically isn’t.
  • The Hot Air Balloon was created by Montgolfier brothers. They were French. Many different scientists attempted to replicate their design but failed most of the time, sometimes died. The Hot Air Balloon was also the first flying device. They were inspired when they say a plastic bag floating in the air, and they wondered if it could possibly carry real thing, if it were a bigger size.
  • Something unique about the hot balloon is you can't really steer it becasue hot air balloons are mostly used for entertainment

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