A Stolen Life
By: Jaycee Dugard

A Stolen Life is about Jaycee Dugard's life and how she was abducted at the age of 11 in June 1991 by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. For eighteen years, she was a captive of the couple and forced to go through repeated sexual abuse and false imprisonment. She was left in the music studio that she had built in the backyard of his home. Jaycee was forced to do things with Philip she did not want to.For many years she was never allowed to leave or talk to anyone besides Nancy and Philip but she eventually earned more freedom. Phillip got Jaycee pregnant twice, once when she was fourteen and another time when she was seventeen and had to raise her children as if they were her sisters. Finally in August of 2009, a full eighteen years after her abduction, Jaycee got to go home to her real family with her two girls.



  • "I start to shiver. I am so cold. I try to stop the tears. I tell myself I must be brave. It feels like my life is not my own anymore. My whole body feels heavy and I just want to collapse. This cannot be real, I tell myself. It's only a dream."
  • "Genes, I have learned, do not make a family. Families are the people that stick around through good and bad times. Sadness is a part of life. Choosing to be happy and see the glass half full is a struggle we all must make.”
  • "There are moments in which all of us need to have a backbone and feel that we have the right to say no to adults if we believe they are doing the wrong thing. You must find your voice and not be afraid to speak up.”

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