Zeus is the God of the sky, fate,law and order.  He was also the supreme god, he is related to all immortal and mortal creatures.

Greek name&its meaning

Zeus's Greek name is Dyeus which means sky or shine.

Roman name&powers and responsibilities

Jupiter is the Roman name of Zeus, his powers and responsibilities are supreme ruler of all gods and goddess's. He also produces storms, tempests, and intense darkness's.

  • Supreme Ruler: Zeus over through his father to become supreme god, as supreme god he is in control of all mortal and immortal things.
  • Storms: Zeus being the god of the sky produces storms he is in charge of all weathering that happens in the mortal and immortal worlds.
  • Tempest: Zeus creates violent wind storms.
  • Intense Darkness: Zeus creates this darkness only in the immortal world, this is a warning.

Family Relationships

Zeus is the father of all men,woman,god,and goddess's. his fathers name was Cronus and his mothers name was Rhea. Zeus was the youngest of six. His siblings name were Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. When Zeus was born his father intended to swallow him see that he had all of Zeus's siblings. Zeus was married three times due to his great control of the sky and his power. He was first married to Metis his cousin she being the goddess of wisdom. Then he married Hera his sister she was the goddess of super strength. Lastly he married Themis the goddess of voice and Consciousness. Zues did have many children being that all immortal and mortal things were his children due to his great royal power as supreme god and god of the sky.


Zeus's symbols are the thunder bolt, the eagle, the bull, and the oak.


Fun Facts

  • Zeus is the god of Olympian
  • Zeus is the father of ten children with his three wives.
  • Zeus saved his brother and sisters lives.
  • Zeus has many names
  • All together Zeus was with many women, almost 70 different proposals.

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