Chameleons: Color Changing Reptilians

The chemaeleonde or chameleon is a fasinating lizard that can change its color. Contrary to popular belief chameleons change color due to light, temperature and emotions as a way to communicate, not to camouflage. They do this by manipulating specialized cells — called chromatophores — that contain different colors of pigment. When a chameleon wants to convey a particular mood or message, its brain sends a message to its chromatophores, which then move pigments around to change the chameleon's color.

The average size of a chameleon is about 7-10 inches long with a varying rang of colors. They shortest species of chameleon is a mere inch, a shrimp, especially in comparison to the species on the other end of the scale, which can measure up to 27 inches. A colossal 2 feet 3 inches! If you live in the Americas you won't have the luxury of seeing these magnificent lizards in there natural habitat, because they are native to Africa and in India, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East.

The typical diet of a chameleon consists of insects, but the largess chameleons will eat small birds. They are also eaten by birds as well as snakes and some mammals

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