Appalachian Mountain Resort Proposal!

The Appalachian Mountains are a majestic and serene region of Canada. This area offers landscapes that include high mountain peeks and rolling hills, including a variety of trees from balsam to spruce and many intersecting inlets and bays. These features alone make this region an ideal vacation destination for outdoors enthusiasts; which is why this area would be perfect for a camping and skiing resort.

The camping site would be open during the the spring and summer months from April to October whereas the skiing resort would be open during the winter months from November to February. This would be located in the northern region near Newfoundland's Long Range . This resort would include lodging and with the natural landscape of the Appalachian Mountains, would include infinite recreational opportunities. More importantly this would be a great business or tourism venture which would create a great amount of revenue.

The Resort would be located near Newfoundland's Long Range.

The Appalachian Mountain region is known for its mountains and rolling hills so why not take credit of its natural features, which is why it would be a great area where families could go hiking and set up camp sites to take advantage of the natural landscapes of the region. This area would be perfect for skiing and snowboarding during the winter months as well because of the steepness of the mountains and hills. The region is also home to wildlife like deer, bears, wolves and is home to various species of birds which is why bird watchers can experience rare sittings of their favourite birds here. This area also includes various inlets and bays which are now home to various aquatic species such as mussels, clams, and trout making it a great spot for fishing. The close proximity of the mountain chain to inlets, rivers. bays and the ocean make this area perfect for water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, boating, and swimming.

Atlantic Canada is one of the most beautiful regions of Canada but the climate of the region makes it especially pleasant. The Appalachian Mountains are located in Atlantic Canada giving the region a maritime climate because of its close proximity to water. This means the area receives large amounts of precipitation giving the region a cool and wet climate. The maritime climate is beneficial to this area because it doesn't receive temperature extremes which makes it livable and more enjoyable for tourists. With that the region does receive heavy amounts of snow and arctic conditions during the winter months in the northern region near Newfoundland's Long Range. These conditions would be perfect for a ski resort because of the snowfall and arctic conditions.

Canoeing is a great family activity to partake in when in the Appalachian Mountain region.

The Appalachian mountains are the oldest highland region in North America which makes them a tourist attraction especially for hikers. These mountains are formed by sedimentary rock as well as igneous and metamorphic rock which were created by faulting and volcanic activity during past centuries. These mountains are also rich in deposits of coal, which make them the subject of roof top mining. Although these mountains are old they aren't necessarily the highest in terms of elevation because of glaciation that has caused erosion of the mountains; turning the rigid mountains into smoother hills. Although this happened to the mountains the glaciation caused the land to sink and after the ice melted it created beautiful inlets and bays which can be used today for fishing and many water sports.

This region includes the Boreal, Taiga, and Mixed forest. The forest includes a wide variety of trees including black and white spruce, fir, balsam, deciduous and coniferous. The coniferous trees don't lose many needles meaning the humus layer below them is shallow, which gives the soil a grey colour. The soil in this area is acidic because of the needles that fall that are acidic. This area also has wet climate soils , that along with the lack of humus and acidic soil make this land unsuitable for agricultural purposes. This is beneficial because it means that the land will not be taken over by an agricultural corporation meaning the land will be reserved for tourism purposes. This is beneficial for tourists who want to experience the natural beauty of the area which is its biodiversity.

The beauty of the region lies in its biodiversity.

This region is a ravishing place but climate change could affect some of the elements of this area. The rise in global temperature by as little as 2 degrees Celsius could extirpate as much as 37% of the trout found in the inlets and bays of the Appalachian mountains which could be a draw back for tourists. As well the roof top mining of the mountains will cause pollution, destroying one of the most precious jewels of the Appalachians - the mountains. The rise in temperature will cause water levels to rise; cause flooding in the region. With this the regions water will also become sparse. But the forest may not be affected as much as other areas, but will be affected by invasive species such as the native pine bark beetle which is another draw back for tourists. Overall the mountain area will become more dangerous because of natural disasters triggered by climate change.

Natural disasters are another element which could destroy the alluring features of the Appalachians. Drought in the Appalachians will cause forest fires in the region destroying one of the most beautiful parts of the area-the forest. As well the rise in water levels will cause flooding of inlets and bays which will trigger landslides afterwards. Another downside is the tropical storms like the cyclones and hurricanes caused by the close proximity to the Atlantic ocean that the area has.

Overall I believe that this region is an extraordinary area full of potential and growth and would make an amazing tourist attraction for outdoors enthusiasts as well as a very profitable business venture.

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