I'm the goddess of Wisdom and Arts.


Hey Athena here! Follow me! I'm Dad's favorite so I can use All of his weapons. If you follow me I'll let you watch me use the thunder bolts.

You guys look at what I just found! I am so honored that all of my lovely friends created this beauty for me!

I am so honored! I have the best fans! This is a brilliant composition and I could not thank my wonderful friends enough!

Do you think I should model? I love this picture.

@aresismanlierthanu This is supposed to be us. I cannot believe this. You are not this good-looking. They gave you an 8-pack and the only thing you have is an 8-pack of pudding. This is unbelievable!  And my hair looks horrible!

I am so honored that I have people wonderful enough to build these magnificent structures for me! I bet you're fans aren't nearly as great as mine @aresismanlierthanu

Check out this picture someone drew of us! I love it! @yaimprettierthenyou

My Roman name is Minerva if you want more info on me! My beautiful fans have a ton of websites if you are interested.

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