Soft Light of the Waning Sun

By: Danielle McCullough


Whenever I imagine God, I imagine him as a ball of light that warms people’s hearts and causes them to look up and smile, a light so bright that when you stare to long into it your eyes start to burn, a light so pure and light that it feels like a soft brush of wind. I am not saying that God is the sun, but I am saying that God is the light that the Sun gives; he is the warmth that we feel and the light that brightens our day. This is the image that is constant in my mind, this is how I see or imagine God. He is not a man or a woman, but a thing so light and soft that if you can barely see it, unless you look close enough. This God is forever with us, we experience him in the wee bits of the morning, during a sunrise, and the bits of the afternoon, during sundown. Those are the times when you can really see God and experience him. God is not just around when I am sad or feeling lonely, but he is with me when I wake up in the morning, go to sleep at night, and those small times when I watch the sunrise through my bedroom window. One time last winter when I was walking home from school, it was really cold outside and I was not feeling all that awesome, I felt a sunray on my face and when I looked up, the sun was there shining on me, giving me the warmth that I needed and it made me smile.


Small ray of sunshine,

Shine down on me and warm me with your rays,

Warm my body, heart, and soul,

I will watch you at sunrise,

Beautiful colors of pink, orange, and yellow,

Light up the sky,

Make your presence known,

Let me know that you are there,

When the sun goes down and the night is cold,

I will look for your rays of sun,

To warm my body, heart, and soul