Los Modismos:

1. Llevarse el gato al agua.

    Literal translation: To take the cat to the water

    Figurative translation: To gain an advantage, take the upper hand.

    Origin: The origin of this is from ancient Greece where the game of "Tug of War" was played in between a puddle so that the loser would fall into it. This signified that the winners had claimed the victory and "taken the upper hand".

2. Tomar el pelo.

   Literal translation: To take the hair

   Figurative translation: Tricking or making fun of someone.

   The origin of this idiom dates back to the Middle Ages when the act of pulling Roman and Greek beards was considered offensive since beards were a sign of dignity. It is also thought to have come from the act of shaving heads of prisoners for hygiene purposes, becoming a source of ridicule.

3. Tirar la casa por la ventana

   Literal translation: Throw the house out the window.

   Figurative translation: No expense is spared, spending money wastefully.

   Origin: This originated in Cadiz in 1811 when the establishment of the modern lottery occurred. People would throw things out the window of their homes as a form of celebration.

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